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Airline and Airport Management

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The global economic environment is changing rapidly, with increasing demands on airline and business executives to stay relevant, embrace new technologies, and manage stakeholder expectations.
The aviation industry in India is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of over 25%. India needs 400 airports and 300 aircraft in the next decade.
Aviation and airport are in for exponential growth. India has announced ambitious airport development plans which will greatly enhance the country’s capacity for commercial air travel.
The country’s Civil Aviation Ministry announced it intends to build a host of new international airports on Greenfield sites, in addition to redeveloping existing smaller airports.
Currently only 60 Indian airports can be classed as capable of handling commercial air passenger and cargo services.
There are currently 24 major international passenger and cargo airports, and 36 regional airports.
Millions of passengers and thousands of tonnes of cargo pass through airlines and airports each year. All these passengers demand quality customer service, apart from smooth, timely operations.
Managing a large number of passengers, employees and operations is what aviation management is all about. People in senior management positions take decisions affecting millions of dollars worth of investments around the world.
A career in aviation management offers opportunities to travel, meet new people and gain new experiences in all parts of the world.

Career Options

BBA in Airline and Airport Management is suitable for managers and professionals working for airlines, airports and related authorities, supply and support services (engineering, logistics, catering, cargo, energy, safety, security, information technology, travel/tourism providers).

  • Ground services

Traffic, operations, crewing, performance, route planning, passenger services or management.

  • Cabin crew

Flight attendants: First class, number one, two, three, trainer, corporate/vip or management.

  • Administration

Commercial, sales, finance, administration, marketing, IT, personnel, senior management or director.

  • Cargo Managers and Handlers
  • Air Traffic Controllers.
  • Other Career Opportunities

The aviation industry is huge, and interfaces with many other sectors. Chief among these are travel and tourism, hospitality, catering, retailing and security. Aircraft design, manufacture and maintenance are also enormous businesses that offer employment possibilities for the right person. The International Recruiters holds many intangibles for the Indian Aviation Industry, which can’t be measured in monetary terms. The imponderables are: a pulsating career, an opportunity to rub shoulders with people from all over the world, the ease with which one can enter the industry without having to clear grueling entrance tests, excellent future prospects for the performance-oriented, good monetary incentives and the fact that these skills are transferable anywhere in the world.

Duration 1 Year

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